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Some Of The Best Duos In Figure Skating History


Some Of The Best Duos In Figure Skating History

Who are the best duos in figure skating history? In this article, we will mention some of the greatest in the history of the sport. 

Whether you are a fan of the sport or a person who only has a casual interest in figure skating, you will probably be familiar with these names. Most of them competed in the Olympics and have won medals. 


Sergei & Ekatarina

 Sergei Grinkov and Ekatarina Gordeeva won the World Junior Championship in 1985 in Colorado. In 1986 they won the World Championships, which was the first of four that they won throughout their career. 

 In 1988 they won the Olympic gold at the Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada. That made them the youngest duo to win the Olympic gold to this day. Sergei passed away tragically at the age of 28.


Zhao & Shen

 Zhao Hongbo and Shen Xue won many medals throughout their carrier. Some of those are silver at the 1999 World Championships, which made them the first Chinese pair to win that medal.

 They’ve also won three Winter Olympics medals. Bronze in 2002, which meant they were the first Chinese duo to win a medal at the Olympics. They won bronze again in 2006, and gold in 2010.


Rudy & Kristi

 Rudy Galindo and Kristi Yamaguchi won the 1988 World Junior Championship. After that, they’ve won two consecutive U.S. Senior Championships in 1989 and 1990. After that Yamaguchi decided to pursue her singles career, so they parted ways in April 1990.


Lloyd & Isabelle

Lloyd Eisler and Isabelle Brasseur teamed up in 1987. They won the 1993 World Championship. They’ve also won 5 Canadian pairs championships, bronze medal at the 1992 Winter Olympics and another bronze medal at the 1994 Winter Olympics as well. Both were retired in 1994.

These were some of the greatest. They definitely gave a big contribution to the sport, and will surely be remembered as some of the greatest figure skating duos of all time. 

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