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How To Train like Ronaldo


How To Train like Ronaldo

At 32, the active careers of most footballers begins to wane and many retire. However, Christiano Ronaldo has defied the odds and at that age his proficiency as a goal-scoring machine seems to be rising- he has scored more than 50 goals per season for the last 6 seasons! Ronaldo owes his exploits to immense talent, and plenty of discipline in training. Here is how you can train like Ronaldo.

Trains to maintain athletic build like Ronaldo does. He trains more to maintain his athletic body than to hone his talent because a fit and healthy body is critical in maintaining optimum performance in sports and in general life. Ronaldo trains to acquire endurance, power and strength. You need to engage in plenty of functional movement, moderate weight lifting, work on your abs, legs and upper body to tone it properly and build significant muscles in a balanced way.

The gym should be your greatest friend if you want to train like Ronaldo. You need to engage in a variety of exercises beyond the ordinary and conventional ones. Go for Box Jumps, Depth Jump Leaps, Lateral Bounds, Burpee Pull-ups, kettlebell one-legged deadlifts, Bench Dips and many others. The more creative you get with your workouts, the fitter you get and most likely at reduced effort with greater enjoyment.  

As your body becomes leaner and firmer, you will easily manage training for speed by doing quick powerful runs for which Ronaldo is known. You will need to do plenty of explosive runs and some hurdling to develop your ability to leap to heights, as you seek fitness, agility and power in all your moves.

One of Ronaldo’s greatest advice to anyone who want to train like he does is to train everyday even when you do not feel like doing it because consistency in training is the key to great results. 

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